farming… IN FARNLEY


Generations of farmers

For hundreds of years the land in and around Farnley Estates has been farmed, in many cases by generations of the same family. When the Estate was bought by the Sykes family in 1968, there were 32 farms on the land. Today, due to the demands of modern agriculture, we have only 2 remaining tenanted farms. However, the home farm, which we own and manage is, and will continue to be, our main interest.

In recent years, we’ve invested a great deal of time and money into renovating many areas of the Estate, for the benefit of both those who use our land for farming and recreational purposes and for the area’s wildlife.


Higher Level Stewardship

Our care of the land, and approach to conservation, led to Natural England awarding Farnley Estates Higher Level Stewardship (HSL) status in 2013. Indeed, at the time we were the only Estate in Yorkshire and Humberside, where home and tenant farms have all achieved HLS or Entry Level Stewardship.


Safe working protocol

As part of our commitment to excellence in farming, the health and safety of colleagues, visitors and other individuals using our land, is paramount.

Read our safe working protocols, which are designed to protect people, wildlife and the environment.   


Latest farming news

If you’re interested in discovering more about our crops and planting seasons, click on the link to our farming news page.


Plant and tree health watch

While many people will be aware of Ash Dieback, a deadly fungus that attacks ash trees, there are other plant, tree and animal diseases that can devastate farms, plants and woodland. Find out more about the latest threats to our countryside by visiting our countryside health watch page.

Remember, you can do your bit to help stop the spread of infectious diseases by cleaning boots, vehicles and grooming animals before entering a farming area or woodland. Read more about biosecurity.