Free Farnley Estates walking maps

Our free walking maps are available to download now. Discover more about the walks around in and around Farnley Estates.


Yorkshire walks

Walking is one of the best ways to experience our stunning countryside. There are many walks in Yorkshire, yet we believe that the walks around Farnley Estates are some of the best. In fact, since Yorkshire was voted the third best place in the world to visit*, we could claim that our Yorkshire walks are some of the world’s best.

Whether you’re on a walking holiday, want to explore Yorkshire’s countryside or live locally and enjoy walking as a pastime, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the many walks available around Farnley Estates.


Permissive walks in Yorkshire

As we’re a working farm, many of the footpaths around Farnley Estates are deemed permissive. For health and safety reasons, this may result in our permissive footpaths being closed to the public at certain times of the year for necessary farm work to be carried out.

Conservation is also very important to us at Farnley Estates, and we’re one of the only privately-owned Estates in Yorkshire to have gained Higher Level Stewardship from Natural England. Having permissive rights of way around the Estate also allows us to close off routes to protect wildlife that may be nesting or breeding.

It’s a compromise that allows us to open up as much of the Estate to the public as possible, yet still protect our farmland and wildlife.

You can find out the current status of our permissive paths here:

Date: Status:
24 February 2016 All permissive paths are currently open


Responsible walking

The Estate is a working farm and many of the footpaths cross fields that contain crops. Even the fields that look like grass, are actually crops, as the grass is sold as a forage. For this reason, we ask that all walkers stick to the designated paths to avoid damaging the crops.

Please also avoid walking around muddy areas, as this often extends the damaged section further into the field, and infringes on the crop. Why not wear suitable footwear and use it as an excuse to get back to your childhood and enjoy the experience of trampling through the mud?


We always welcome responsible walkers onto the Estate. The local Ramblers Association often hold walks through our woodlands and permissive footpaths. Find out more about the Ramblers Association in our join in… section.

*According to Lonely Planet, travel guide company, October 2013.